Pixel freebies for you to grab

I like to work on various stuff and share things.
Feel free to download, love, share and use these freebies anywhere you want.

Space UI
An (obviously) fake Android app to pilot your Dragon while in space. Created in xxhdpi.

Cake and gift
Thin little icons created for Dribbble's 5th birthday and invites giveaway.

Colorful Switch
Second .sketch freebie. A super colorful switch icon.

Sketch icons
First freebie using Sketch. Some 3d icons.

Twitter lite
A case study on what a lighter Twitter could app look like in ten fully layered screens.

Light and Switch
A little exercise about light,shadows and Photoshop blending modes. Grab it if you're not into flat design.

Thin rounded icons
A set of 70 icons based on the new iOS visual style. Active version also included. Photoshop vector shapes.

Roku iOS app icon
A redesign of the Roku remote and app icon for iOS6 and iOS7. A good way to see the style difference and play with the purple color.

Joystick and knob
Two detailed and skeuomorphic UI elements.
Good for games and music app.

Roku remote iOS6
Two detailed and skeuomorphic UI elements.
Good for games and music app.

Grey UI
Detailed grey UI set including a nice music player. Contains 1x and 2x versions.

Twitter app iOS6
A dark themed iOS6 styled twitter app with original UI and buttons with complex lightning.

Dribbble app icon template
A fake app icon with complex shadowing I used for my Dribbble invite giveaway.

Black UI
Got inspired by it soI reproduced Photoshop CS6 beautiful UI for fun. Also added a calendar.