Sebastien Gabriel

Designer for @googlechrome, twitting @kounterb

The designer's guide to DPI

Learn DPI and cross-platform design, the easy way.

Colorful switch tutorial

My first Sketch tutorial. A colorful switcher icon, with a step by step guide.

I don't always solve problem

A blog post about finding your own path as a designer.

Dragon v2 Dashboard

A little exercise inspired by SpaceX, designer for the Nexus 5.

How I joined Google

Personal story and experience.

Sketch icons

My first sketch freebie, a set of 3D icons.

Twitter Lite

A case study on how a lighter Twitter app could look like. Just for fun.

Thin rounded icons

70 editable icons for your to use in your apps.

Lonely T-rex

Ever wondered where Chrome's little T-rex came from ?