Hello there

I'm Sebastien Gabriel also known as Kb or Kounterb. I'm a visual designer for Google Chrome. This is my main site, where I put pixels I find worth showing or news worth sharing. Feel free to check out my work, Dribbble, download some freebies or simply get in touch.

I wanted to try Sketch a little more and see how it handles shadowing, blending and lightning work. It performed awesomely. I thought I would be staying in Photoshop for this kind of things, obviously not.

I released this set as my first .sketch freebie. I hope it will be useful for you and do not hesitate to try out sketch. I wrote an article about my first day impression with some cool resources.

I promised a while back that I would write about my experience of joining Google. This very personal article sums up my background and experience while trying to provide useful thoughts and advices mostly for young designers and Google enthusiasts. You can read it on medium.

I miss playing with Photoshop effects, lights, shadowing and blending mode with the current "flat" trend so I made these little UI elements that take advantages of all this to work on various colors. It's a freebie, so the .psd is available.

Some Chrome OS app icons I made.
You can see and learn more about the Files.app and the Music.app on my work showcase site.

A case study on how a lighter Twitter app could look like. Just for fun.
You can check the entier flow and explanations on my work showcase, like it on Dribbble or download it as a freebie.

I wrote a bit of explanation about the consistency between Chrome tablet on Android and iOS and the work I've done on it. Check the project on my Dunked page.

New freebie release, some fresh and thin icons for your iOS apps. Use it anywhere you want.
You can grab then on Dribbble.

I decided to switch to Dunked (kounterb.dunked.com) to manage my work portfolio. I needed something flexible and super easy to use. I highly recommend it if you're a little lazy like I am or never satisfied by your own portfolio. This is also where you'll be able to find some freebies until I create a special page just for them.

If you ever wondered where the lonely T-rex you see in Chrome as well as the other error pages icons come from,
I wrote a little bit about it on my work showcase.